Future of medical marijuana in Louisiana is in limbo

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Louisiana's medical marijuana program is just getting off the ground, with plans to have products available by this summer. However, the future of that now hangs in limbo.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced he's rescinding an Obama Administration policy that helped pave the way for legal marijuana in a growing number of states. The decision leaves programs, like the L.S.U. Ag Center's Therapeutic Cannabis Program, with more questions than answers.

"Louisiana is just strictly a medical marijuana therapeutic cannabis state. That is what the Ag Center's interests are, so we hope, if anything does happen, it would be in those recreation states, but we are unsure. That's just our speculation," director of the L.S.U. Ag Center Thereapeutic Cannabis Program Dr. Ashley Mullens said.

When asked about Sessions' decision, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry said he supports it.

"I think Attorney General Sessions was right in doing what he's doing," Landry said. "That's the problem we are having in this country where we have laws on the books and we are just choosing which ones we want to enforce and which ones we don't. If people out there believe marijuana needs to be rescheduled, they should contact their Congressman."

Governor John Bel Edwards sent President Donald Trump a letter this week asking him not to prosecute medical marijuana.

"This issue is critically important in Louisiana, and I hope we can partner together to ensure the safe distribution of this life-changing form of treatment," Edwards said in the letter.

Despite the uncertainty, the L.S.U. Ag Center's Therapeutic Cannabis Program is moving forward with plans for the time being. They are not currently growing, but they are working on getting a facility for production and research. The program hopes to have products available to medical patients by this summer, but that now could depend on what Sessions decides.

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