Albertans give positive marks to provincial government's marijuana plan

A new poll finds most Albertans are satisfied with the marijuana-related policies recently introduced by the Alberta government.

The poll was conducted by Insights West Poll and the results were released Monday.

The online survey found 88 per cent of Albertans agree with the government decision not to allow marijuana to be smoked in vehicles, school property or parks.

It also found 77 per cent in favour of ensuring 18 will be the legal age to acquire marijuana in Alberta and 78 per cent agree marijuana stores should operate under a specific license meaning they don’t want to see the product sold at liquor stores or drug stores.

When it comes to allowing people to grow marijuana in their home; 63 per cent say they should have no more than four plants.

While Albertans are comfortable with legalizing marijuana, the online survey found 85 per cent are against legalizing other...

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