Will Medical Marijuana survive the storm of legalization?

Ever since recreational legalization was on the table, many activists and patients have whispered behind the scenes: Rec will be the death knell for medical cannabis.

Before diving in, let's clear the air. There really is no difference — physically, chemically, or otherwise — between a marijuana plant grown for medical use or one grown for recreational/adult use. They're both the same plant. The distinction between the two is largely legal — and economic.

For example, medical cannabis products, like edibles, tend to possess greater potency than recreational ones. Many medical cannabis products are typically sold at lower prices than rec, too, due to higher taxes imposed on recreational sales. To snag higher-potency, more-affordable cannabis, patients must suffer from a qualifying medical condition, apply for state registration, and receive approval from the state for the registry. Recreational stores only require a valid government ID to prove the customer is 21 or over....

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