Will Washington ever legalize marijuana home grows?

Washington state is a West Coast cannabis state. By this, we mean cannabis users have for a number of years in Washington enjoyed expansive rights compared to other states in the U.S., even compared the newly legal eastern states where the plant is often kept under strict lock and key.

But Washington state has one very significant exception to its lax cannabis regulations: no home growing. You can go to a recreational dispensary without a medical-marijuana recommendation and load up. You cannot, however, crack a seed from that bag of mid-grade and start your own grow. Unlike Oregon, California, Colorado, Alaska, and every other state where recreational marijuana is legal, adults in Washington cannot cultivate at home unless they have a medical-marijuana recommendation.

What gives? Home grow was left out of Washington’s legalization initiative, I-502, because polling in 2010 revealed home grow made citizens leery.

Now, with 1,300 commercial grow and processing operations licensed in...

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