Vermont is set to legalize recreational marijuana next month

Vermont is set to ring in the New Year by legalizing recreational marijuana. There is already a legalization bill in the legislature, and it's expected to pass in the very near future, according to the speaker of Vermont's House of Representatives, writes James McClure.

“It will be up for a vote in early January,” Speaker Mitzi Johnson (D) said last week. “I expect that it likely will pass in early January.”

That bill is a revision of the legislation that Governor Phil Scott (R) vetoed last May. But he didn't slam the door on marijuana reform. Instead, he sent the bill back to the legislature, asking them to make a few specific changes such as adding tougher penalties for people who provide marijuana to minors. Earlier this month, Governor Scott said he would be "comfortable" signing the revised bill. And the Senate is also on board, according to Speaker Johnson.

“We do have...

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