Trump Tuesday: Patton Oswalt tells Conan "Trump is ‘Too Much’ for comedy

Hypocrites are best known for their practice of hypocrisy. In Hollywood, celebrity is another word for hypocrite.

Comedian Patton Oswalt, in his guest appearance on Thursday's Conan, discussed with host Conan O’Brien the overuse of President Trump as a catalyst for comedy in Hollywood. Oswalt told O’Brien, “Like having Trump as a comedian … Trump is like, imagine there’s a guy out on the sidewalk and he’s just taking a dump on the pavement and yelling about Hitler and he’s hanging wallpaper.”

He opined on the sad lot of the comedian making jokes about Trump: “You think of the funniest joke about a guy taking a dump on the sidewalk and you turn to tell your friend and as you turn to tell your friend, behind you he has scooped up his poop and made a sombrero out of it. So you’re about to tell it and your friend is like...

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