Lawyers expect legalizing cannabis will lead to more arrests and criminal cases

McGill University law professor Daniel Weinstock says he heartily recommends his students take up criminal law in order to take advantage of the country's new, strict cannabis laws.

"There is going to be a steady stream of customers," Weinstock said, referring to the influx of people he estimates will be moving through the justice system.

The professor's comments were partly made in jest but serve to illustrate a larger point: upcoming federal and provincial marijuana laws -- in response to domestic and U.S. politics -- will be a boon for lawyers.

Zero-tolerance policies will increase the incentive to contest charges, further clogging the justice system, lawyers say.

Moreover, citizens are likely to see increased zeal from politicians and police in order to avoid being perceived as soft on drugs.

"It seems like we are approaching a prohibitionist line around the edge of a policy that looks to be permissive," Weinstock...

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