Canada just passed the bill to legalize recreational marijuana; now headed to Senate

Canada made history last night after passing a bill to legalize recreational marijuana, which puts Canada on track to become the first G7 country to repeal cannabis prohibition. The bill — which was introduced last April by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government — passed by more than a two-to-one margin as 200 members of parliament voted in favor of the legislation while only 82 opposed it.

Supporters included Trudeau's Liberals as well as the NDP and Elizabeth May of the Green Party.

Canadians won't be able to celebrate by lighting up just yet though. The bill won't come into law until the Senate has signed off on it. And if you're getting impatient with the process, you're not the only one. Prime Minister Trudeau's point-man on pot has told the upper chamber not to drag their feet on the legislation.

"The Senate will bring its sober reflection to this bill and I think it’s really important...

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