This country could soon legalize Cannabis and Opium

Cannabis legalization has ramped up in recent years, and it’s not only in the U.S. Uraguay recently became the first country to fully legalize marijuana, and Canada is set to do the same this July. However, there could be another prominent country with something big in the works when it comes to pot legalization. Yes, India is set to discuss the potential legalization and regulation of both cannabis and opium.

A Progressive Outlook

Member of Parliment, Dharamvir Gandhi, has proposed a private member’s bill that will regulate cannabis and opium and fully legalize medical marijuana throughout India. According to Indiatimes, his bill will be discussed by the Parliment in the upcoming winter session. The proposed bill has already been passed by the legislative branch of the parliament.

Technically, Gandhi’s bill wouldn’t fully legalize the drugs for recreational purposes, but it would decriminalize and regulate both opium and cannabis throughout the country.


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