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The Quebec government wants the province to go more marijuana

Not wanting to fall behind on the marijuana growing game, the provincial government is pushing for more licensed pot-growers in Quebec. 

Members of the Couillard government are expected to make the case to federal politicians for expedited licensed marijuana producer certifications granted to Quebec-based companies, reports JDM. 

A licensed producer is a fully-approved marijuana grower. Licenses for legally growing marijuana (at a large scale/for commercial or medical purposes) are granted by Health Canada.  

As it stands right now, there are only two licensed producers operating out of Quebec. 

If the number of licensed producers doesn’t increase, then Quebec will be forced to purchase a bulk of the province’s cannabis supply from Ontario or other Canadian provinces. 

50 companies are currently awaiting approval from Health Canada, but the process can be lengthy, as long as several years. 

To ensure Quebec is ready to meet the marijuana-demand come legalization, and ensure...

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