Arizona: poll shows recreational marijuana support is lacking

Don't look for Arizonans to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, at least not in the immediate future.

A new statewide poll of those likely to vote in next year's election finds just 35 percent said they would support a measure for the personal use of the drug. By contrast, 48 percent of the 600 people who were questioned in the automated telephone poll said they were opposed, with the rest undecided.

What makes that significant is that Proposition 205, a legalization measure on the 2016 ballot, failed by just three percentage points.

Michael Noble, managing partner of the political consulting firm OH Predictive Strategies, that did the survey earlier this month, said the results are not a surprise.

Part of that relates to the fact that his automated calls went only to those with landline phones. That, he said, skews the results a bit toward older voters who are...

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