Maine legislature has long to-do list when it returns in January

Lawmakers need to dispose of more than 400 bills, a job that could be complicated by the ambitions of several top lawmakers who are running for higher office.

State lawmakers will face a long list of bills when they return to work in January – including measures to fund Medicaid expansion and approve adult-use marijuana – in a second session with a high risk of grandstanding by those who are running for higher office in the November 2018 election.

More than 400 bills need action by the 128th Legislature. Among them are 319 that were held over from the first session, 63 new bills approved for consideration by legislative leaders and 41 bills submitted by the administration of Gov. Paul LePage.

In a closely divided Legislature, where Republicans control the Senate and Democrats the House, political tensions may be heightened by the fact that several key lawmakers are running for...

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