North Dakota: A year after medical marijuana was approved, patients still a long way from relief

The Galesburg woman was elated when 64 percent of North Dakota voters approved a ballot measure legalizing medical marijuana in 2016, a move she believes will bring her relief from chronic nerve pain.

But a year after the measure passed, the Department of Health says it's 11 to 13 months from delivering product to patients and still has to receive public feedback and legislative approval on a set of rules guiding the new program. Paulson's patience is fading.

"I'm frustrated with the process," she said.

Paulson, 50, has suffered from multiple sclerosis for 16 years. Four years ago she was diagnosed with atypical trigeminal neuralgia, a rare disorder of the fifth cranial nerve that causes severe pain in the facial area.

She knows marijuana products can help. This summer Paulson went to Washington, one of eight states that has fully legalized marijuana, and tried a cannabis oil product high in...

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