Trump Tuesday: 'An iPhone would be a more coherent president'

“Trump’s presidency is like one of his handshakes: it pulls you in whether you like it or not,” said John Oliver at the start of a reluctantly Trump-themed episode of Last Week Tonight.

“He’s had so many terrible moments this year you’ve probably forgot about a lot of them,” he added, before going through a laundry list of faux pas including telling Brigitte Macron she was in “good shape” and when his own golf resort was promoted on the state department’s website.

This week the comic focused on Trump’s unorthodox way of communicating with the American people and how that has influenced how they communicate themselves.

“It definitely doesn’t help that so often what Trump says is complete nonsense,” said Oliver. “We often read transcripts of Trump’s speeches, and it’s something that everyone should actually do once in a while. When you strip away his blindingly confident delivery and just read...

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