Will your state be the next to legalize marijuana? Here's 5 that are close

Next year could see a huge shift in favor of green, and we’re not talking about the environment.

Lawmakers have taken notice of the shift in public opinion on marijuana legalization, and many are no longer afraid that supporting legal weed is political suicide. There are now eight states and the District of Columbia that have legalized marijuana, and four of those laws were enacted in the past year alone.

“As medical marijuana grew, we saw that support for legalization has increased at an accelerating pace,” says David Borden, executive director of StoptheDrugWar.org, which advocates for better drug policy. “People have seen that the sky hasn’t fallen … People are getting used to it.”

Recent legalizations are an encouraging sign that other states could hastily follow. However, all legalization directives up to this point have not come from governing bodies, but instead from...

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