What’s happened since Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana 5 years ago?

At one time, marijuana legalization in the United States was unthinkable. But things change fast — and when it comes to cannabis, they change very fast. Today, a majority of Americans support legalization or decriminalization. There are numerous states that have gone on to grant full-on legal status to cannabis (though those local laws still conflict with federal ones), and a majority of the states grant access to medical marijuana.

How quickly the times change.

And it all started five years ago as of November. Back in 2012, when President Obama was fighting for reelection against then-Republican nominee Mitt Romney, two states boldly put initiatives on the ballot that would legalize marijuana for recreational use and consumption. Voters in those states, Washington and Colorado, would go on to pass those initiatives, allowing — for the first time — adults over the age of 21 to produce, sell, and consume marijuana legally....

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