Maine imposes strict new rules for medical marijuana dispensaries, caregivers

Medical marijuana caregivers in Maine must submit to surprise inspections and implement a new tracking system with their patients, according to strict new rules issued by the state Department of Health and Human Services, writes Tess Allen.

Maine currently hosts eight state-licensed dispensaries and roughly 3,200 caregivers who serve more than 50,000 patients with qualifying conditions like cancer, PTSD and intractable pain.

The new rules, which take effect Feb. 1, will require caregivers to endure unannounced inspections by the Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention or a former law enforcement agent. Refusal to submit to this rule – which will apply even to those who are growing or processing cannabis in their own homes – could result in license suspension, fines, or arrest.

Patients will also be required to submit to inspections under these new rules, but they’ll at least be given a day’s notice.

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