Pot for Pets: Medical marijuana role in treating pet illnesses

Dogs, cats, even horses seem to be the newest customer base for medical marijuana. Cannabis-based products are being used to treat everything from anxiety to allergies, epilepsy and cancer.

Sales, at least locally, are skyrocketing. 

Once a month, a pitbull boxer mix named Rex undergoes chemotherapy. Rex was diagnosed with a nasal tumor about 14 months ago.

"He had nose bleeds. I was scared because I couldn't stop it," recounted Dirk Johnson, Rex's owner.

Johnson sought the best possible treatment. 

"We see a lot of the same cancers that humans are afflicted with, and we have many of the same treatment options for our pets that they offer for people," said Dr. Betsy Hershey. She is a Veterinary Oncologist who owns and operates Integrative Vet Oncology in Phoenix. The place treats tumors the traditional way -- with chemotherapy -- but Dr. Hershey also recommends CBD.

"What CBD is, it's a product that's made from industrial hemp, which is a variant of...

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