Researchers investigate cannabis compounds to treat Dementia

A few times a day, 92-year-old Lucy Hanson takes a little capsule; in it is medical marijuana.

“They call it my happy pill and I call it my happy pill,” Hanson laughs.

It’s hard to believe when you talk to her now but, four years ago, Lucy was confused, falling down and speaking gibberish. She often lay in bed and would make no eye contact with her family or friends.

Her daughter brought her to a neurology clinic where specialists ran diagnostic tests and looked over all of her medications. They said the problems were not with her prescription drugs.

“They came back with a diagnosis of advanced dementia,” said her youngest daughter Tania Hanson DeYoung, adding “We thought we’d only have her for another six months.”

Enter Eloise Theisen, a geriatric nurse-practitioner who specializes in medical cannabis. Theisen is on the team at Green Health Consultants.

“Seniors are the fastest-growing demographic of cannabis users,” explained...

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