Tennessee medical marijuana: Why one lawmaker is switching sides

80% of Tennesseans think marijuana, in some form, should be legal. That’s according to a May 2017 poll by Vanderbilt University.

Will 2018 be the year lawmakers approve medical cannabis? FOX13 discovered the winds of change are blowing on Capitol Hill. 

Tennessee House Speaker Beth Harwell talked to FOX13 in her Belle Meade home recently. She says she didn’t “think it was a wise move” to legalize any form of marijuana last year.

The Republican now says she’s “open” to change. 

Harwell told us, “This is a plant that God has given us…as opposed to a synthetic drug.”

To say this is a change of heart is an understatement. We asked her what changed her mind. Harwell says, “It’s personal now."

She says, “My sister did have an accident in a yoga stand and broke her back. She was given opioids and knew if she took those she’d become addicted...

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