Pennsylvania opens medical marijuana registry for patients, caregivers

For George Armstrong, a veteran with chronic pain and PTSD, marijuana is medicine.

The Chester County resident, along with other patients and caregivers, recently added his name to Pennsylvania’s new medical marijuana registry. He said cannabis helps him more than stronger stuff, such as opioids.

“You know, I’m no longer getting six, seven prescriptions a month,” he said. “But guess who has to go out and buy his own medicine now?”

Armstrong is looking forward to getting his medical marijuana card and filling a prescription at a dispensary, which the state says will happen within the next six months. While he acknowledges that the state has been sticking to its various deadlines leading up to this point, he said he doesn’t like running the risk of being arrested for buying marijuana illegally.

Rachel Levine, the state’s physician general and acting secretary of health, said she has empathy for people in Armstrong’s...

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