First Texas cannabis crop set to be planted In Austin

For the first time in state history, a crop of legal cannabis plants is being grown in the Austin metro area, after a Texas-based dispensary received its license to grow, process and sell the plant.

A New Era

Compassionate Cultivation, an Austin-based company is one of just three licensed growers of medical marijuana in Texas.

The dispensary was approved for a grow license back in May but finally received the official documentation on Tuesday from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

The dispensary began the process of growing on Tuesday in their 7,200-square-foot premises, planting hundreds of cannabis seeds that have already begun to germinate.

Compassionate Cultivation CEO Morris Denton says his company—which is working hand-in-hand with operations partner MJardin, a marijuana consultant company that runs 30 medical cannabis cultivation facilities throughout 13 states—will make a concerted effort to make a consistent, high-grade product while maintaining a clean growing environment....

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