Puerto Rico should legalize cannabis

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There is no one solution for all of Puerto Rico’s problems. Currently the disaster stricken island needs everything from an entirely new infrastructure to a program to dig itself out of its 70-billion-dollar debt. To make matters worse, its population is fleeing to the mainland US in hopes of carving out a better life.

But should the government of Puerto Rico consider legalizing recreational marijuana?


Say I currently lived in NYC. Where can I go on vacation that I know I can walk around to a dispensary and get an 1/8th of lemon haze? The west coast and pacific north west? The Netherlands? Canada?

But c’mon…I live in New York City. I want to vacation in the tropics. Where can I go?

You could go to a few countries that have decriminalized small amounts, like Mexico or the US Virgin Islands. But you’re still risking a ticket, a mugging,...

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