Is marijuana good for health? How drug laws restrict research of cannabis treatments

On Wednesday, Pennsylvania's health department unveiled a landmark registry for its residents who use medical marijuana. The new website will serve as a one-stop hub connecting patients and caregivers to growers, dispensaries, labs and physicians. More than 100 doctors are already linked to the program, with another 200 currently in training. By May of 2018, applicants should be able to pick up their prescriptions anywhere in the state. 

The developments are in keeping with the wave sweeping over the eastern seaboard as marijuana use becomes more mainstream. With the continued spread of legalization and the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, researchers are now looking at what other health benefits the plant may have. 

But finding that out is difficult. Marijuana is still a Schedule 1 substance and thus illegal at the federal level. But a growing number of states have marijuana initiatives on their ballots...

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