Arizona: Billboard battle with anti-marijuana group wants pro-pot signage gone

You've probably seen them around: marijuana factoids on billboards alongside a teal smiley-face logo for an app company called Weedmaps.

Seems pretty innocent, right? Not so, says a stridently anti-marijuana Arizona organization, which is raising alarms over the billboards. The group has asked the Attorney General's office to investigate the company for alleged false advertising.

The group, Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy, says marijuana app company Weedmaps is relying on disputed statistics about the effects of marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington. The company's billboards say the rate of youth marijuana usage in those states has remained unchanged despite pot legalization in 2012.

In small print near the bottom of each ad, Weedmaps cites recent surveys done in each state as its source for the numbers.

ARDP also called another Weedmaps billboard that touts marijuana as a way to battle the opioid crisis "dangerously false." The Weedmaps...

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