Trump Tuesday: Here’s a hilarious film about trying to escape Donald Trump from Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon released a hilarious short film on Monday about the unceasing torrent of terrible Donald Trump news that has made every day since Nov. 8 feel like a horror movie. After trying and failing to escape Trump-centric Apple News alerts, newspaper headlines, water cooler chatter, TV news, and a wall of Trump magazine covers—harassed by reminders that Trump exists and is president, in other words, not by ICE agents or any other direct consequence of Trump’s presidency—Fallon exclaims, “I just feel like Trump is everywhere. I can’t get away from that guy!” It’s funny, and relatable! As long as the worst thing Trump’s done to you so far is blow up your phone’s notifications.

Incidentally, one time Fallon failed to “get away” from Trump was the night of Sept. 15, 2016, when he invited the then-Presidential candidate onto The Tonight Show as a guest. Let’s go

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