California is not ready for recreational marijuana to become legal on January 1st

California is set to legalize recreational marijuana on January 1st, and while we might imagine that this would dramatically change things for the cannabis industry, the reality is most people won't see anything different at all, writes Joseph Misulonas.

ABC News published a report about how unready the state of California is for marijuana legalization. While the law will officially be changed, the truth is in most places things will pretty much be the same for the foreseeable future as cities and municipalities hammer out the actual details on what recreational marijuana will look like in their jurisdictions.

"The bulk of folks probably are not going to be ready Jan. 1," said Cara Martinson of the California State Association of Counties.

There's currently no real understanding for what the marijuana industry will look like in California. The state government has not released its plans for how it plans...

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