Imperial Tobacco wants the government to treat cigarettes and cannabis equally

Can I get "false equivalency" for $1,000, Alex?

In a move that will surely have cannabis consumers fuming, Imperial Tobacco Canada is speaking out against the way Bill C-45 regulates the branding of cannabis products—by boldly comparing tobacco to weed.

The corporation is seeking the attention of lawmakers in Ottawa with an advertisement it ran in the Hill Times on Monday, one that accuses the government of taking a "contradictory" approach to its intention of keeping harmful substances out of the hands of children.

As the government proceeds with the Cannabis Act, it might be that the cigarette-manufacturing company—responsible for brands like Du Maurier, John Players, and Peter Jackson—is afraid it will lose revenue when legal cannabis becomes an option for consumers, especially because the number of smokers in Canada has fallen each year since 1965. At that time, roughly half of Canadians used tobacco, but by 2015, that number had dropped to...

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