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Vermont medical society seeks to impede cannabis legalization

Two resolutions proposed to the Vermont Medical Society’s annual November meeting may present an obstacle for the trend of medical and recreational cannabis legalization in Vermont.

One resolution proposes that warning labels be added to medical marijuana products and would restrict the conditions by which medical marijuana is prescribed.  Many members of the Vermont Medical Society feel that there is a lack of scientific and medical evidence to support medical marijuana as a cure or alleviation for many currently accepted conditions, such as post-traumatic stress disorder. “The more people label it as medical or something that’s legalized, the less wary people are going to be,” stated Dr. Geoffrey Kane, Brattleboro Retreat’s chief of addiction services.

The other resolution comes out against the push to legalize marijuana recreationally. This “really developed from a lot of physicians seeing a side from marijuana use that probably the public doesn’t see,” said Dr. David...

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