Cannabis prices higher in Alaska

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While residents who voted for the legalization of marijuana in Alaska were victorious in the polls, the price of buying legal cannabis has proved to be a turnoff for some consumers.

“I think dispensaries are utilizing their monopoly on legal weed,” said Hannah Seaman, a 24-year-old electrical engineer major, who voted for the legalization. “It is more economical to buy it from people who aren’t organized by the government.”

Compared to other states, Alaska’s prices are much higher. The average price for a gram of cannabis in other legalized states is around $10, while in Alaska, a gram is priced at around $20. The average price of an ounce of recreational cannabis in legal states is roughly $220, according to a survey ran by Forbes. Alaska’s average rate for an ounce is nearly $300.

In states like Oregon and Washington, which have had more time for the market to adjust,...

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