Trump Tuesday: Hustler Publisher took out a full-page ad offering $10 million for information to impeach Trump

Hustler publisher Larry Flynt will pay top dollar for information that could lead to the impeachment of President Trump, and he took out a full-page ad to say so in the Sunday edition of the Washington Post.

The ad is a block of text from Flynt and Hustler magazine, offering a $10 million reward for the intel. At the bottom of the page is an email to a tipline as well as a 1-800 hotline number.

“We’ve gotten quite a lot of calls,” said freelance staffer running the hotline, who noted that it will be staffed Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT time. (The staffer declined to give his name, instead referring Adweek to a PR director for Larry Flynt Publications.) “Of course, the ad just came out yesterday. I’ve already received over 150 emails, and I haven’t even gotten to the voicemail yet.”

In the ad, Flynt...

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