Many 'unknowns' concerning Atlanta's new marijuana law

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As a brand new marijuana ordinance takes effect in our state's capital city, reducing the possession penalty to a small fine and no jail time within city limits, legal experts warn there are many gray areas.

One of the state's leading experts on criminal law and youth, J Tom Morgan, said marijuana is the "drug of choice for the millennial generation."

"And, it is very frustrating that I have seen kids whose lives have been ruined, their futures railroaded, because of a conviction for less than an ounce of marijuana," said Morgan, an Albany native who is the former Dekalb County District Attorney and now teaches criminal law at Western North Carolina University.

The author of 'Ignorance is No Defense, a Teenager's Guide to Georgia Law', Morgan said the new Atlanta marijuana ordinance itself is clear.

"It decriminalized the possession of less than an ounce of marijuana to a $75 fine, no criminal conviction, no...

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