5 States angling to put recreational marijuana on the ballot in 2018

Sure, it's the pun of all puns, but the marijuana industry really is growing like a weed. According to cannabis research firm ArcView, the North American legal-cannabis market saw sales increase by 34% in 2016 to $6.9 billion, and they're liable to grow by an average of 26% a year through 2021. That's a nearly $22 billion market up for grabs, and investors certainly want a piece of that pie.

Though Mexico legalized medical cannabis in June, and Canada may be on the verge of green-lighting recreational weed by July 2018, it's still the U.S. market that's viewed as the greatest opportunity for the legal cannabis industry. Since 1996, 29 states have legalized medical cannabis, with an additional eight states having legalized recreational pot since 2012. With recreational weed the greatest source of growth potential for the legal marijuana industry, all eyes are on which states could be next to...

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