N.W.T pot legislation could set rules for mail order marijuana, local prohibition

Community governments in the Northwest Territories will have the control over cannabis distribution that the government of the Northwest Territories gives them.

This was the message from N.W.T. MP Michael McLeod and Liberal MP Bill Blair. Blair, the federal government's representative on legal cannabis, was in Yellowknife Wednesday evening for a public meeting hosted by McLeod. 

He assured the about 40 people who came out to hear what he and McLeod had to say that the territorial government will have the authority to define and control distribution in the North.

It's been clear that territorial and provincial governments would be responsible for defining legal distribution within their jurisdictions, but what hasn't been clear is to what extent jurisdictions would be able to supersede federally approved methods of distribution, like mail order cannabis.

But Blair said mail order weed will only come to the...

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