Vermont: The 'Medical Marijuana Doctor' will see you now: 'Canna Care' connects patients with pot

Two weeks ago, a new health clinic opened its doors in Burlington to do in Vermont what it has already done in several other states: bring thousands of new patients into the state’s medical cannabis program.

Canna Care Docs bills itself as a “medical marijuana evaluation and education center," and in places like Maine and Massachusetts, it has created an efficient new avenue for patients to gain legal access to medical marijuana.

Marta Downing, chief operating officer at the company, says Canna Care doesn’t disclose the number of clients it’s enrolled in medical marijuana programs. But its former medical director was alone responsible for certifying nearly 6,000 medical marijuana patients in Massachusetts.

Downing says Canna Care aims to be responsible for 50 percent of all medical marijuana certifications in states where it operates.

“Canna Care is not looking to keep people out of medical marijuana programs,” Downing says. “We’re...

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