North Dakota counties probe potential issues with legalization of medical marijuana

With the clock ticking on the implementation of medical marijuana in North Dakota, county officials are examining the potential issues that may arise.

Local government representatives packed a conference room Monday for a session on the impacts of the legalization of medical marijuana on counties, as part of the North Dakota Association of Counties' annual conference in Bismarck.

Participants in the session inquired about employment practices and guidelines in response to the legalization of medical marijuana. Tara Brandner, assistant attorney general, said county governments should be left to determine their hiring practices.

"The position that the state is working towards is zero tolerance," Bradner said of state employees.

This means because marijuana is a federally illegal drug, and because most state entities are federal contractors, employees are not to use drugs in violation of the Controlled Substances Act, she said.

“Do you want to take a zero tolerance...

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