A consumers guide to extraction methods

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The health and medical implications of the rapidly growing CBD market are astonishing. As the industry continues to grow, it’s important to understand one of the most important processes in the CBD industry: extraction.

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With so many methods of extraction of many different compounds and endless supply of supposed information, which extraction methods are superior and why?

The first type of extraction we are going to discuss is not even a CBD extraction at all. Hemp soil oil is expelled only by pressure applied to the seed. The oil is used for a variety of things like skin lotion and cooking oil, but does not contain any CBD’s.

Ethanol extraction is the most traditional form of extraction, having helped make hash for hundreds of years. Ethanol extraction delivers a full range of cannabinoids and terpenes that are safe for consumption. This option also extracts chlorophyll from the plant, causing a distinct flavor and green color. While the chlorophyll can be filtered, it will also filter out some of the beneficial CBD and terpenes.

A different approach is the Rick Simpson method, also known as RSO (Rick Simpson Oil). It uses either petroleum or naphtha as a solvent and delivers a high THC oil. It is often low in CBD and low in terpenes and is considered not a good option for taking advantage of the medical benefits. Bring Rick to the party, keep him off the medicine shelves.

Another (very) different approach is Olive Oil extraction. Like Ethanol, it extracts full range of CBD’s and Terpenes and is safe for consumption. And, like Ethanol, also extracts chlorophyll causing unpleasant taste and green-color. An additional drawback to Olive Oil is that it cannot be concentrated, requiring large amounts of consumption in order to be effective.

Super Critical Co2 Extraction, usually referred to just as ‘C02’ is the more expensive but more efficient method. It requires complex equipment and technical expertise but uses safe solvents and ensures highly potent and pure extract. Its free of chlorophyll. It works by using Carbon Dioxide and high pressure at low temperatures to isolate and preserves the CBD and terpene compounds.

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