Alberta unveils marijuana framework, calls for minimum age of 18 to buy

Alberta has unveiled its proposed framework for marijuana legalization, which calls for a minimum age of 18 to buy or use cannabis. 

Other proposed rules include:

  • Public possession limit of 30 grams (with no limit on possession in private residences).
  • Sales will be in specialty stores, separate from alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceuticals.
  • Limit of 30 grams per purchase.
  • Smoking and vaping in public will fall under existing tobacco laws. 
  • No smoking or vaping in vehicles, including passengers.
  • Four plants can be grown per household, to a maximum height of one metre each.
  • Outdoor growing will be banned.

Albertans will have until Oct. 27 to give feedback on the rules.

Hours of operation and buffer zones for stores will be standardized by the province, but haven't been set yet.

The province has yet to decide whether stores selling marijuana will be publicly or privately run, but the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission will serve as...

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