Trump Tuesday: Alec Baldwin returns to SNL as Donald Trump, who is letting people die in Puerto Rico

Saturday Night Live returned this week, and even in its 43rd season, the venerable late night show has an unparalleled ability to speak truth to powerful people and institutions, however painful or uncomfortable it makes things. Specifically, Alec Baldwin’s return as President Trump was as a blistering condemnation of the powerful people at Saturday Night Live, none of whom seem to have realized that the president’s incompetence, racism, narcissism, and near-biologically-impossible stupidity have gotten a lot less funny since the show’s last season ended on May 20. For reference on the national mood at the time, in re: Donald Trump, this happened the very next day:

Awwww! He just loved that evil-looking orb so much! Since then, here are a few other things that have happened:

And yet Baldwin’s return was centered on the same old Trump he was playing in May, a buffoon out of his depth....

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