Calgary conference helps employers come to grips with marijuana boom

A sold-out conference in Calgary is helping businesses learn more about the impacts of cannabis in the workplace and what employers need to know before it's legalized next year.

Many employers are scrambling to get a better understanding of cannabis and how to deal with growing numbers of employees licensed to use it medically, as well as the implications of legalization next year.

The conference is hosted by Cannabis At Work — an HR-focussed company established two years ago to help businesses navigate Canada's marijuana boom and manage marijuana use in the workplace.

"We do a lot of education about cannabis legalization and cannabis as a medicine, but all in the context of developing workplace strategies to manage cannabis use by an employee who might have a prescription, or looking ahead to recreational legalization and how that's going to impact workplaces," said CEO Alison McMahon.

Monday's topics included demystifying cannabis, what the...

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