Venice tech company's weed grow monitor keeps an eye on marijuana crops

Chris Tosi and longtime friend Peter Koverda were on a ski trip in Lake Tahoe last February and were relaxing in a hot tub when their new, cannabis-minded startup, Pulse, really began to take shape. Tosi had a professional background in business and tech — and a personal interest in growing weed — and had developed a “clear vision” for a cultivation monitor and app that would allow growers to keep tabs on their product even when off-site.

The only problem was, he didn’t have the technical ability to bring it to life, said Tosi.

That’s where 29-year-old Koverda, a “wizard” computer engineer, came in.

“He, even as a non-grower, understood the value proposition I was describing,” said 28-year-old Tosi.

Within six months the two had developed a prototype for what’s now known as Pulse Nano, a “smart grow” monitor that tracks crucial factors inside grow rooms including temperature, humidity, light, and...

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