Tennessee: medical marijuana task force holds 1st meeting

The Joint Committee on Medical Cannabis met for the first time Thursday to discuss what options the legislature has to legalize medical marijuana in the next session.

A panel made up of state representatives and senators listened to testimony from law enforcement, Tennessee Department of Health staff, various doctors, and experts. The committee was requested by House Speaker Beth Harwell, among other lawmakers, like state representative Jeremy Faison.

"I feel like it's the same arguments that we've heard historically. I feel like the deeper we get into this over the next couple of months, the arguments have no foundation," said Faison. "When it comes just to the strict use of the medical grade cannabis, it's a great benefit all the way around for the state."

The room was packed at Tennessee Tower with supporters and opponents, plus people who have a direct interest. Stacie Mathes has been wanting legal medical marijuana to...

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