A joint decision: Peru moves closer to medical marijuana legalisation

Peru has taken its first steps towards the legalisation of medical marijuana after it approved a bill that would allow the production and importation of the plant for therapeutic purposes.

The Congressional Committee on National Defense signed off on the legislation amid public outcry over a police raid on a makeshift cannabis lab run by mothers hoping to soothe the symptoms of their sick children.

Congressman Alberto de Belaunde saidö “The Commission on Defense has unanimously decided to propose the law that decriminalizes the medicinal use of cannabis”.

The bill will now go to full congress for a debate and final vote on the matter.

Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski initially proposed the legislation after the plight of the mothers was revealed.

Founder of ‘Seeking Hope’ – an NGO which campaigns for the legalisation of medical marijuana – Ana Alvarez said: “We feel that all the mothers of...

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