What have you been smoking? No, Bulgaria hasn’t legalised marijuana cultivation

It was the story to make the most jaded journalist sit up and take notice, to say nothing of the effect on stoners, as public radio in Bulgaria reported on the morning of September 5 that the country’s farmers could legally grow cannabis if they just filled out the right forms.

Quoting Stefka Damianova, a Bulgarian Agriculture Ministry official, the report said that already, about 100 hectares of farmland were legally sown with cannabis.

“They have legalised cannabis cultivation in Bulgaria,” said one of a number of headlines as local media picked up the story, without stopping to wonder why no one had noticed when this step had got the nod from the Cabinet and Parliament. Oh well, perhaps because, in point of fact, they hadn’t.

Legalisation of marijuana tends to get noticed. From the Bob Marley school and from those who deem such things as a sign that society...

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