Is medicinal cannabis the solution to an opioid crisis?

“Are you high right now?” This was a genuine question I received when telling someone I take medicinal cannabis for my chronic pain. “Aren’t you worried about psychosis?” was another one. I was never asked anything like this when I told people I was taking high doses of morphine, a powerful synthetic opiate, which incidentally did make me feel high and slightly unbalanced amongst other side effects. As this is a normalised drug and legal there were no question marks about my using it, despite the evidence that it is heavily addictive with fundamental side effects.

Tabloid readers regularly line up to vilify TV presenter Ant McPartlin for admitting his addiction to the legal pain relief he was given by his doctors for a botched knee surgery. He is a drug addict, a rich man who has everything (except of course the escape from chronic pain) and there is little...

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