How employers can prep for marijuana legalization

A conference in Saskatoon is aiming to help employers explore ways to get ready for the emergence of marijuana on the job as the date of legalization draws near.

"Each organization is wise to start thinking about it in broad terms, looking at their existing policies and then looking to adopt those policies. It's not that complicated but it's important to start the conversation, " Kathleen Thompson told CBC Radio's Saskatoon Morning.

On Tuesday, the cannabis policy consultant and researcher presented at the Work Better Safer event on the topic of Cannabis and the Workplace.

According to Thompson, there are four different domains employers should focus on when determining potential hazards in the workplace:

  1. Think about people who are using cannabis medicinally.  
  2. Think about people who might be using cannabis recreationally.
  3. Think about jobs that have workplace safety issues.  
  4. Think about jobs that don't have workplace safety
  5. ...
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