AG tells agency to halt part of Iowa's medical marijuana law

Andrew Brisbo is with the Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation in the state's licensing department.

It says giving dispensaries, which are operating under a legal cloud, three months to close allows them time to wind down and patients time to connect with caregivers.

Michigan's medical marijuana board will receive guidance on its authority to close dispensaries until the state begins issuing licenses under a new regulatory system.

Starting in mid-December, medical marijuana businesses will be able to apply for licenses to operate.

As we have eported on numerous occasions, one of the biggest issues as MI moves into a regulated system is how the State will treat license applicants who have operated prior to receiving a license.

Hawaii's Governor David Ige will hold a press conference at the State Capitol later today alongside the state's Financial Institutions Commissioner and the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs to officially announce the...

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