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Vermont: Gov. Scott establishes marijuana advisory commission

Gov. Phil Scott issued an executive order Thursday establishing a commission on marijuana, charged with exploring a range of options on legalization.

Two lawyers, Republican Tom Little and Democrat Jake Perkinson, will co-chair the commission which will have 13 members culled from a range of affected state agencies and from the Legislature.

The commission will begin work by Oct. 1 and deliver initial recommendations by January. Those include:

- Gathering the best available data on marijuana-related crash and crime rates

- Roadside testing options for law enforcement

- The feasibility of a new, regional impairment standard

- Strategies for youth prevention

"I don't see that the commission's charge is to write a marijuana bill and ask the Legislature to pass it," Little said. "We're a step or two behind that."

"I do have young kids," Perkinson added. "And whatever happens will influence how things work out for them. So I...

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