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iAnthus Capital provides Q2 corporate update

Canada has become a hotbed for marijuana investments and we do not expect this trend to end anytime soon.

Over the last two years, more than $1.5 billion has been investment in the Canadian marijuana industry and a lot of this capital has come from United States investors. While many investors have focused on companies levered to the Canadian marijuana market, some of the Canadian firms have been investing in the United States marijuana market.

iAnthus: Expands its Portfolio of U.S. Investments

One Canadian marijuana firm focused on the United States market is iAnthus Capital Holdings (IAN.CN) (ITHUF) and it is levered to the Colorado, Massachusetts, New York, New Mexico, and Vermont markets.

In the first half of 2017, iAnthus expanded its portfolio to include The Green Solution (TGS) in Colorado. iAnthus initiated a strategic partnership with TGS through a $7.5 million loan facility that will be...

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