Cannabis shows promise in treating schizophrenia and tourette syndrome

In Nigeria Cannabis is associated with a lot of bad bad omen but that is if you are still caught up in outdated facts.

Cannabis in recent years has become more widely accepted and that is due to the numbers of studies telling us of the many good side to the herb.

And one of such good side is its ability due to a certain compound it possesses (cannabis-derived chemical cannabidiol (CBD) ) to help contain the cognitive effects in schizophrenic patients.

The study review on the compound that took place at the University of Wollongong, was conducted by Dr. Katrina Green, Professor Nadia Solowij, and Wollongong PhD candidate Ashleigh Osborne.

According to Dr. Katrina Green:

“From this review, we found that CBD will not improve learning and memory in healthy brains, but may improve aspects of learning and memory in illnesses associated with...

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